So you want to replace your Q-jet fuel filter with an inline fuel filter..or you want to replace your Q-jet fuel line with braided line.

(From a post I made to the Monte Carlo mailing list)

The best way I found to do it is to replace the whole line with braided line.

You can order a kit from Summit that is supposed to go from a Chevy fuel pump to a q-jet carb...but it's for an earlier model q-jet. So the fitting is wrong. You need to order this stuff:

Fuel Line Kit (braided, -6AN fittings, Chevy pump to Q-jet): Sum-G3129, $37.95
This kit has an adapter for pre-75 Q-jets. So you also need:
Carburetor adaptor for 1975 and up Q-jet :AER-FCM2107, $9.95

The above parts will allow you to install the braided line from the pump to the carb. I wanted an in-line filter, too, so I also used the following:

Fuel Filter (-6AN fittings, red) : Sum-1517, $28.95

Female Flare Swivel (2 each) -6AN: AER-FCM-2915, 8.25 each

So whatcha do is attach the braided line to the fuel pump (use teflon tape) and then route it the way you like it. Then remove the fuel filter and fitting from the q-jet and replace it with the Aeroquip carb adapter. (more teflon tape.)

Measure the braided line for the length you want the filter to be away from the carb (leave room for the air filter) and wrap the line with masking tape and cut it with a hacksaw (don't use your neighbor for this.) Attach one of the female flare swivels to the cut-off length of fuel line and the other end of the line to the carb adapter. Screw the fuel filter into the flare swivel.

Or you can do like Derek Atteberry did and use a 90 degree fitting. His setup is probably a little neater than mine.

Either cut the remaining braided line to the desired length or use as is. Attach the remaining female flare swivel to the end of the fuel line and screw into the fuel filter.

Insert key, start car. CHECK FOR LEAKS! One KFC is enough. I did this last year on the 85 MCSS. It's a good way to get rid of the steel line and when you re-route it, you can avoid the water pump, headers and any other heat source to help keep your fuel cool. (And cool fuel's where it's at, man {eg})

Oh...I believe this is 100 percent legal for NHRA tech least I never got bounced for it and it does away with any rubber hose and the fuel filter I listed is aluminuminum, not it's legal.

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