So you want to adjust your Quadrajet?

Most of this information came from posts made to the Monte Carlo mailing list.

You're gonna need some tools.

These tools are from NAPA with the following numbers and description:

Three gauges accurately measure travel of mixture control solenoid plunger so that lean mixture screw, rich mixture screw and idle air bleed valve can be properly adjusted.

Fits all CCC Rochester dualjet and Quadrajet Carburators.

Kit includes: Solenoid Gauge: Idle Air Bleed Valve: Float Scale Instructions.

The next number is :
Balkamp 700-2003 and is called GM Computer Controlled Carburetor Sockets.

Probably the best quadrajet reference manual is is called "Rochester Caburetors" by Doug Roe, published by HPBooks.

Its ISDN number is 0-89586-301-4 and retails for $16.95 US. This book is ABSOLUTLEY invaluable in doing a rebuild. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to rebuild or learn about quadrajet carbs.

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