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Tech/FAQ/How-to Lynx
Motor Tech Lynx

A study of the effects of connecting rod length on engine output (by Rick Draganowski)
Basic information about engine balancing
Car Craft tests several fans. Flex-a-Lite comes out on top
Chevy High Performance's experiment with a GoodWrench 350 crate motor
Fast Burn Head Data
Hooking up the electric choke on an Edelbrock AFB carb by Ray Buck.
How to convert from points ignition to HEI (from Alex Bilan's site)
Information on the GM Quadrajet carb (by Greg Kalkhoff)
Inliners International devoted to all Inline powered vehicles
Quadrajet Carb Numbers
Recommended tools for Quadrajet adjustment (from posts to the Monte Carlo List).
Replacing a Chevy Q-jet hard fuel line with braided line and an in-line filter by Ray Buck. (With part numbers and prices.)
Some informantion about where to find the motor casting and stamping numbers and a link to a great decoding site
Stewart Components Cooling System Tech Tips (Good Stuff!)
The Unofficial Rochester Carburetors Web Site (by Karl)
The Watson Guide to Happy Cylinder Head Swaps (by Craig Watson)
The Watson Guide to Happy Valve Setting (by Craig Watson)
The Watson Guide to Happy Intake Manifold R&R (by Craig Watson)
The Watson Guide to Happy Ignition Timing (by Craig Watson)
The Watson Guide to Happy Engine Removal (by Craig Watson)

Transmission, Speedo and Rear End Tech Lynx

Bill Belsher's page on TH200-4R trannies and which versions were used in what applications
Correcting speedo errors
How to wire your TH200-4R to lock up in 4th gear only
Installing a T-5 5 Spd into a 3rd or 4th Gen Monte Carlo
Instructions to correct TH200-4R TCC solenoid problem (by Paul Carreiro)
Speedo Gear Selection: Determining the number of teeth for a speedo gear with colors and part numbers
Speedo Gears: A great chart to determine speedo gear sizes
TH200-4R Clutch Chart
The Gear Zone: Information on transmissions including the T5 5-speed
The Watson Guide to Happy Coil Spring Replacement (by Craig Watson)
The Watson Guide to Happy Traction Bars (by Craig Watson)
The Watson Guide to Happy Rear Ends (by Craig Watson)
Torque Convertors - what they are....what they do!
Transmission Information: Lotsa good auto tranny info (How to ID different trannies, etc.)
TV Cable Adjustment Procedures from the GN website.
TV Cable Adjustment
How we converted a 3rd gen Nova from a Powerglide to a TH350 and kept the column shift.

Suspension, Steering and Brake Tech Lynx

An on-line introductory course to Suspension, Steering, Tires and Alignment
Body Bushing Replacement Procedure
Disk Brake Pad Replacement: Instructions on replacing disk brake pads (by Derek Atteberry) with super photos
Disk Pad Retractors
Drum to Disk Conversion (A-Body): Instructions on converting a 64-72 A-body (and others) front drums to disk (from Dave Miller's page)
Drum to Disk Conversion (X-Body) : Instructions on converting X-body cars' front drums to disk (from "Leadfoot's" page)
Steering box adjustment: Removing slop in the Saginaw 800 steering box (for most late-model GMs)(by J. Matthew Daugherty)
Tilt Column RepairL Fixing a Loose Tilt Steering Column (text only) from the Buick GN website
Tilt Column Repair (Ray's method with photos)

Interior Tech Lynx

Heater Core Replacement: How to replace a heater core in a G-body (from the Buick GN list.)
Heater Core Replacement (Illustrated): How to replace a heater core in a G-body (by Ray Buck with photos.)
Instrument Cluster signal pinout for 1981 - 1988 Monte Carlo
Lighted Rear View Mirror: How to install a lighted rear view mirror (by Paul Carreiro)
Making a variable pill for AutoMeter's 5340 Shift Light (by Ray Buck)
Seat Cover Installatiion (Illustrated): Replacing your seat covers with a Re-Pop kit (By Ray Buck with photos.)
Installing Juliano's seat belts in a 71 Nova (By Don Wentz with photos.)

Wheel and Tire Tech Lynx

Information about tire and wheel sizes for Chevy Monte Carlos (from Mike Donovan's site)
Bruce and Craig's Tire Fitment Page
What are the biggest wheels and tires???: Some information that attempts to answer this nauseatingly persistent question for A, F, G and X bodies

Body and Paint Tech Lynx

Auto Painting Frequently-Asked Questions
Body Work Basics
Cowl Hood Information (from Don Simpson's site)
POR-15 Application: How I prepare for and apply POR-15 (Paint over Rust) (by Ray Buck)

Electrical Tech Lynx

ECMs , PROMs and how to CORRECTLY swap the ZZ4 PROM into a Monte Carlo
How to add more engine compartment lighting (by Paul Carreiro)

Misc Tech Lynx

A great article from Chevy High Performance about testing and modifying the Goodwrench 350 crate motor. (compiled by Ray Buck and Rick Draganowski)
Altitude Correction Factors for ET and MPH (from the Buick GN site)
Horsepower Calculator
"How can I make my Monte Carlo SS faster?": Some answers (by Ray Buck)
IBM Patents (including many patents on automotive items)
Instructions on how to create your own Gasoline Octane Boosters (from the Vintage Triumph Register)
Oil Filter Info: A very interesting study of oil filters and their effectiveness
Snake Oil: Information on motor oil additives
Speed and e.t. formulas

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