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It's ALIVE!!!

(08/08/2011)  Hmmm...something's missing. 

Goodbye, Demon caburetor...and its built-in demons.

The UBT (Ugly Brown Truck...UPS delivery) showed up today and brought some parts very kindly provided by my sponsor, Parts For Speed

There's a 950 CFM AED (Holley) carb, a new fuel pressure regulator and bracket and a double pumper fuel line kit.  All parts were gorgeous and fit together perfectly.

The new carb bolted right up to the throttle cable/tv cable and return spring bracket.

It's kinda hard to see, but the fuel line kit included a fitting for the pressure gauge and uses a center mount for the fuel line.

When I had it bolted together and double-checked the lines and mounting studs to make sure everything was tight and secure, I primed the carb with a little gas, hooked up the heavy-duty battery charger and it fired right up.  It died, but the second time I fired it up it was alive!!!  All cylinders were hitting, no leaks, nothing...just a VERY loud exhaust (the headers dump right under my feet...I'm gonna have to get an exhaust on it asap) and the feel of a very free-revving motor.

I made sure that it moved back in Reverse and forward in Drive and wonder of wonders, the transmission and shifter were working well together.  I couldn't resist.  I had to take it out to the driveway for a few photos.

This is the first time in 10 years that it's moved under its own power!  Words can't begin to describe how I feel about it.  Btw, the motor feels STRONG!  I can hardly wait to get my foot into the throttle all the way and see what it'll do.   It looks like we're gonna make it to the salt flats this September for World of Speed.  Wow!

(08/24/2011)  After the quickie refurbishing of the trailer, the next thing was to come up with ramps to be used for getting the car on and off.  In this photo Jim is sanding one of the boards we used to create our own 1.5" laminated marine plywood.

We glued the 8 foot lengths together with Loctite adhesive.  We chose that product because they support the Mike Cook Shootout.

This is our portable lamination tool.  It doubles as a Suburban.  Yeah, we know.  Redneck Engineering at its finest.

The finished product.  It's VERY strong.  See the next photo for additional support.

We're using 'drive-on' ramps to support the lengths of laminate and will probably use a jackstand under part of it.  There's a piece of angle iron and 4 bolts to lock the ramp in place,

The entire Fox Paws Racing stable...well, except for the Monte Carlo.  We would have done more, but we got rained out.

While Jim was working on the laminated ramps, I repaired and repaired the fender on his sidecar.

Then I loaded it on the trailer and towed it to his place so he can take it to BUB with the intention of finding a new owner for it.  I guess we otta put that other hubcap on it, huh?

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