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More going back together.

(07/31/2011)  While I'm waiting for some parts, an old trailer is undergoing some rejuvenation.

I started to work on the trailer that had been used as a firewood hauler and chopping block before it came to live with me for a while.  The sidecar belongs to a friend (same one who owns the trailer...I told him I'd do some fiberglass work on it.)

I cleaned it up a bit, straightened most of the bent-up stuff (it was early Sunday morning and I didn't wanna disturb my neighbors by pounding on it, so I settled for what I could do with a roller and some quieter tools) and knocked most of the loose rust and rough stuff off it.

Finally I used up all the Zero-Rust I had in stock.  It's gonna get a coat of Rustoleum red and it's gonna be a shade tree 20-footer.  I can't afford to do anything else.  Like I wrote last year when working on his truck to run on the salt, "we may screw up, but we don't give up."

(08/01/2011)  Update:  The trailer probably would have been red with a gray deck by now except that we had another monsoon rain storm move through the high desert.  I took the opportunity to hose down the deck and remove many of the wood chips and other debris that had accumulated (and that I hadn't been able to sweep out.)  More work will be done on it soon.

(08/02/2011)  I removed the plywood and metal sheets that had been laid down over the original planking.  One of the planks has some serious dry rot.

That plank got removed and the rest cleaned up, including taking the shop vac to the edges where a lotta wood chips had accumulated.

Then the whole deck, including the new planks (they'll be scabbed together underneath) got the first coat of gray outdoor paint.  That stuff is pretty potent.  You thin it with xylene and I wouldn't wanna try applying it indoors without a respirator.

(08/03/2011)  The deck painting is done.  Next: paint the metal, then rewire it.

(08/05/2011)  I'm gonna be going back and forth between the car and the trailer for a while.  I pulled the carb off the manifold in anticipation of the new AED Holley 950 carb.  I also pulled the distributor so I could put the advance curve tuning kit in.

I guess it's a good thing I DID pull it out and apart.  Apparently sitting for years waiting for me to get around to it didn't help the condition of its innards a bit.

So I did my best to clean it up and lubricate it and then began to install the tuning kit.  The black bushing is the advance limiter which keeps the centrifugal advance from exceeding 28 degrees (in addition to the static advance.)

The other part of the tuning kit is the springs on the centrifugal weights.  If I'm reading the chart on the instruction sheet correctly, the centrifugal advance should start coming in around 1500 rpm and be all the way advanced by about 3300 rpm.  I'm told this curve really wakes the motor up.  Let's hope so.  I put too much of myself into this motor to have it run like a dog.

I re-installed the distributor and amazed myself by having it slip into position the first time I tried.  That almost never happens to me.

I had to test it, so I put the Demon carb back on and connected everything back up.  We gave it another BFT and it'd start up, then die as the gas we'd shot into the carb would be used up.  It wouldn't stay running, but it ran enough that I feel good about the way it sounds.  All cylinders seem to be firing, no backfires, good oil pressure and it'd start at the tap of the starter.  I'm very encouraged.  We put the hood back on so I can install the pins, then went to work on the trailer.

While I was masking, Jim drove some 3" screws into the joint of the 2 8-foot planks.  They'll never come apart by themselves.  Never  :)

Then I did as much painting as I could before I lost the light for the day.  It almost looks like a real trailer.  A real BRIGHT trailer, but real, nonetheless.

(08/06/2011)  The trailer is as painted as it's gonna get.  All it needs now is a new wiring harness (I have that) and electric brakes (I don't have that.)

I re-tidied the wiring harnesses and sealed the distribution box with RTV.  I'd undone the wrapping when re-wiring the distributor and ignition.

Finally, I installed the hood pins that keep the hood from becoming a UFO at speed. 

(08/07/2011) Most of this day's work was done here or under the hood (and under the dash.)  I re-wired the air/fuel mixture gauges, added a cigarette lighter (or "accessory power outlet") to the switch panel for the GPS so speed can be calibrated on the first pass.  I re-did some soldering and connecting on the shift light and had to do a bit of re-wiring under the hood.  I'd crossed a coupla wires and once I started testing things with a meter, it wasn't too hard to find.

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