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Going back together.

(07/23/2011)  After what seems like several lifetimes, I'm starting to reassemble it.

The hood hinges are removed and getting a coat of paint, but the glass hood now fits (final adjustment still needed) since the hood latch is removed.

I put the driver's seat and steering wheel back in after repairing the seat slider mechanism.

The view from the office.  The hood obstructs the view slightly, but I don't think it'll hurt while pointing it straight on the salt.

Now some of the interior kick panel trim and both seats are back in.

Hood hinges painted, reinstalled and bolted to the hood.  It works!  Amazing!  I'll have to get a prop rod from a junk yard, trim the edge of the hood to clear the ignition box and fit the hood pins, but it's gettin closer and closer.

(07/25/2011)  The hood got its first cut of sandpaper.  I'm gonna have to make a decision whether I want it done real nicely or quickly.  I think quickly is in the lead.  There are 49 days until World of Speed.  It's not real bad, but there are some spots that definitely need some spot putty.

I had an insomnia attack and put it to good use.  I got the spot putty on the few low spots, then sanded it when it had dried.

After another coat of primer and a little sanding, it got a coat of flat black, the final color.  It'll get one more coat, then the motor work resumes.

(07/27/2011)  Whoops, I had things backwards.  My buddy Jim came over and we did some motor work.  Matter of fact we did a BFT (Blinding Flash Test.) 

In this shot you can see that the battery box has been removed because it interfered with the glass hood.  I may or may not get it re-installed by World of Speed time.  The Accel shorty spark plugs have been installed and ignition wiring is about to start.

Here Jim is numbering the spark plug wires.  We removed the valve covers so we could pour oil over the rockers before attempting to start the motor.  I've ordered a wire numbering kit and another breather for the other valve cover.  I thought I had 2 of them but I guess not.

And here it is almost all buttoned up.  That's the good news.  The bad news is that although we had a test, we had no blinding flash at all.  We had fuel but no spark.  I did a little checking later and found that the relay controlling the MSD ignition box wasn't energizing.  I'll have to do some troubleshooting on that.  If worst comes to worst, I'll just bypass the relay to get it started.

Although I didn't do any more work on the electricals that night, I did some tidying up of the ignition wires and stuff.  It's lookin more organized.

It looks even better with an air cleaner on it.  This open-element cleaner may stay on if I don't have time to install the cold air box.

The dual gauge cluster and the 2 air/fuel mixture gauges are installed on the A pillar.  I have an O2 sensor in each header down tube.  Although the gauges display the same info, they aren't identical (one's a lot newer) and have a slightly different appearance.

(07/27/2011)  I gave the hood another coat of flat black and that's the way it's gonna be, at least for the time being.  Now to do a million other little things.

(07/31/2011)  This is where I ran into trouble.  The Street Demon carb started spitting fuel out (it was only a small fire, LOL! ), then the Holley pressure regulator started leaking everywhere.  I think a solution's been found, but I'll wait to see how it works out before I write anything more about it.

(08/02/2011)  Update:  A new pre-tuned AED Holley 950 double-pumper and pressure regulator (along with bracket, fittings and braided lines) are on their way.  Chris Lindh of kindly offered to sponsor my efforts in the form of sorely-needed parts.  I've known Chris for a long time and I've bought parts from him in the past.  I HIGHLY recommend him and his company as a source for speed parts.  I also can't thank him enough for his help.

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